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As the name suggest Pay Per Click or PPC is a form of advertising where advertisers pay for every click made on their ad. The main benefit of Pay Per Click is that you only pay when someone actually visits your website. Pay Per Click is fastest form of advertising which gives instant visibility of your ads to your target market. Since it involves direct spend PPC can result in negative ROI if not managed efficiently. Pay Per Click is available on various advertising channels that include search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo as well as popular social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. Our highly skilled account managers know exactly which advertising channel can clearly target your potential market and then set up & manage targeted ad campaigns to convert your potential customers into real leads/customers.

We strongly focus on setting up a diligent conversion tracking so that we know which keywords/campaign are delivering positive results and which ones negative. Thus by pushing the good ones and stopping the bad ones we can make sure that your Return On Investment is always positive.

Instant rise in website traffic with PPC

Channels Available To Us

Search Engines

There are 350 crore searches made worldwide every day only on Google itself and some more on Bing and Yahoo. Search engines are most favorable for online advertising as they help to locate target market most distinctly because we can market your services precisely when people are looking for them. Most popular search engines include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads - Microsoft Ad Center

Social Networking Websites

Human is a social being and so is your target market. Social media market is essentially build up of your very target market who may not be actively looking for your services/product at that very instance but are keenly desirous about them. Social media platforms available for PPC are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

How We Do It

We follow a coherent approach when it comes to PPC as it involves direct spend. We take the following approach for our PPC clients:

Deep Study of Business Model

At Maiden Stride we consider your business as ours hence we do an in-depth study of your business to formulate an exclusive PPC strategy that can achieve you a positive ROI. Study of your business is also important because we don’t want your ads to write cheques that your website or business can’t cash.

Discovering Target Market

Running untargeted paid ads can be harmful to your ROI hence we do a highly relevant Keyword Analysis in niche of your business to target people strictly looking for your business. Refined selection of keywords, interests and demographics helps to create dedicated ads that are engaging and generate high click throughs.

Creation of Compelling Ad Creative

Merely being visible to your target market is not enough, people must engage with your ads and inturn visit your website to know more about your services and ultimately contact you or purchase your product. Hence compelling ad creative are crucial to initiate this process. Dedicated ad creative also play a vital role in campaign optimization.

Setting up Diligent Conversion Tracking

The most remarkable advantage of PPC campaigns is that their returns are accurately measurable. To get this advantage we set up a diligent conversion tracking to track all the desired actions of visitors on your website be it making a phone call to your business, filling out a contact form or any kind of online purchase.

Data Gathering

Once the campaigns go live we leave them running along with some usual campaign maintenance for some time to gather some data. Gathering data allows us to follow an analytical approach for campaign optimization by eliminating human guess work which might work for one business but not necessarily for other.

optimizing Campaigns

Once we have gathered some data and have conversion tracking in place we can get to know what is giving us positive returns and what is killing us. By pushing the positives and weeding out negatives we can ensure that your PPC campaign always delivers positive ROI.

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We Met New Customers in a New Region

We have been suffering from business relocation crunch. Maiden Stride helped us reach new customers in new region and did a local brand awareness. We have now regained the stability that we had in our previous region and are now considering migrating our complete marketing budget in online channels with them.

Rohit Singh

Owner, Bells Gym

We Met New Customers in a New Region

From developing a beautiful website to reaching ample of quality readers everyday Maiden Stride have effectively covered all areas for us when it comes to services of a digital agency. They have been our digital agency partners since start and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship for quite long.

Anoop Singh

Chief Editor,

Patience & Gradual Progress Resulted into Success

SEO is all about time & patience. We were patient with the results as we could see our organic traffic rising gradually and ranks improving over time. The techniques that SEO managers at Maiden Stride use and the knowledge that they have is simply fascinating which is certainly backed by results.

Sagar Sabhani

CEO, Tutors Umbrella

World Class Techniques & Skilled Staff

We have worked with other SEO agencies as well but the skills that these guys have and the techniques that they apply to work are a class apart. Our organic traffic graph had been heading north ever since have been working with them and will definitely recommend them for SEO and other services as well.

Mohit Mendiratta

CEO, Assignment Kingdom

Perfect Blend of SEO & PPC

I had this great idea for my business but had hard time marketing it to people but then I ventured with Maiden Stride for pitching it to people. They gave me a head start with PPC, primarily on Facebook, while have been working on SEO alongside to drive organic traffic which initially was low but slowly transformed into high volume of cost effective traffic. Everything worked out exactly as they explained.

Ankit Singh

Managing Director, Sarkari Job Guide

Proactive and Logical Staff. Transparency in Working

They are fast. You want to get anything done, they are on it as soon as it is conveyed. Very honest people in their work, no out of bound suggestions and the best part is all their recommendations are backed by a strong logic and is explained to me in easiest words possible. Monthly reporting with actual situation portrayal and actions going forward shows transparency in their work.

Vikas Shukla

Chief Editor, Allahabadi Kart

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See What Our Clients Say
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