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Different marketing channels and strategies can help deliver a strong traffic to your website but it all goes in vain unless the website is capable enough of converting this traffic into leads and sales. Lower conversion rates are most distressing for businesses as it is the last step of getting leads and sales. Our CRO specialists scientifically spot problematic areas of the website using various tools such as user behaviour flow graphs, heat maps, session recording softwares & their analytical skills and form hypothesis of possible conversion rate inhibitors. Based on our hypothesis we make changes on website and A/B test them with the existing page to validate or discard our theory. The cycle continues until we come up with a website that converts at highest conversion rates possible.

How We Do It

Analyze Change Test Repeat

Finding Problematic Pages with Max Drop

Finding weakest link in the form of page with major drop off is the first step of CRO. Behaviour flow graphs are of immense help in determining where the sessions usually terminate.

Analyze Review of Page

Every page should have 4 must basic qualities for good conversion rates viz. clear display of offering & USPs, trust and credibility builders, call to action and good design. Our CRO specialists do an analytical review of the problematic page and look for problems with the above 4 must haves.

Analysing Session Recordings & Heat Maps

A high level investigation by analysing session recordings and heat maps is carried out if the conversion rates are poor despite the page qualifying the 4 requisites of conversion rate optimization.

Proposing Hypothesis & Changes

A hypothesis is formed in the form of a high level Conversion optimization Report outlining the proposed changes on website which are assumed to drive conversion rates up. The changes are carried out in a well set priority order to make sure bigger problems are tackled first while maintaining the cost effectiveness of the process of the process.

AB Testing

The existing A version of the page is tested with new B version with proposed changes to validate or discard the hypothesis. Any of the A or B version winning in terms of conversion rates we end up with a page that has better conversion rate.

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  • We Met New Customers in a New Region

    We have been suffering from business relocation crunch. Maiden Stride helped us reach new customers in new region and did a local brand awareness. We have now regained the stability that we had in our previous region and are now considering migrating our complete marketing budget in online channels with them.

    Rohit Singh
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    From developing a beautiful website to reaching ample of quality readers everyday Maiden Stride have effectively covered all areas for us when it comes to services of a digital agency. They have been our digital agency partners since start and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship for quite long.

    Anoop Singh
    Chief Editor,
  • Patience & Gradual Progress Resulted into Success

    SEO is all about time & patience. We were patient with the results as we could see our organic traffic rising gradually and ranks improving over time. The techniques that SEO managers at Maiden Stride use and the knowledge that they have is simply fascinating which is certainly backed by results.

    Sagar Sabhani
    CEO, Tutors Umbrella
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    We have worked with other SEO agencies as well but the skills that these guys have and the techniques that they apply to work are a class apart. Our organic traffic graph had been heading north ever since have been working with them and will definitely recommend them for SEO and other services as well.

    Mohit Mendiratta
    CEO, Assignment Kingdom
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    I had this great idea for my business but had hard time marketing it to people but then I ventured with Maiden Stride for pitching it to people. They gave me a head start with PPC, primarily on Facebook, while have been working on SEO alongside to drive organic traffic which initially was low but slowly transformed into high volume of cost effective traffic. Everything worked out exactly as they explained.

    Ankit Singh
    Managing Director, Sarkari Job Guide
  • Proactive and Logical Staff. Transparency in Working

    They are fast. You want to get anything done, they are on it as soon as it is conveyed. Very honest people in their work, no out of bound suggestions and the best part is all their recommendations are backed by a strong logic and is explained to me in easiest words possible. Monthly reporting with actual situation portrayal and actions going forward shows transparency in their work.

    Vikas Shukla
    Chief Editor, Allahabadi Kart

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