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Social Media Marketing

One thing that sets social media marketing apart from other types of marketing is the method of targeting. With social media marketing you can directly target a person and not keyword which means you can describe the characteristics of your target audience including age, gender, interests, education, job titles and much more, create posts and ads that incite people in those audiences and finally connect with them. Social media also builds trust and credibility of your brand because a well maintained social media page speaks for the genuineness of your business, plus people are more likely to buy from businesses that they follow on social media.

Social Media Marketing Company in Kanpur

As a leading social media marketing and management company in Kanpur we serve businesses of all sorts and sizes as our social media marketing services are fully flexible with budget and time duration. Our social media marketing managers in Kanpur run goal oriented campaigns to make sure your social media marketing objectives are well achieved be it spreading your message to a wider audience, increasing lead and sale flow or increasing brand awareness. Our social media optimization strategy is different from others as we run context and content oriented campaigns which hit the softer corner of your target audience and incites them to connect with you.

With typically one third of the world population using social media, target audience for any business can be found on social platforms.

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Sponsored Content Promotion - Paid Posts

If you want your post or ads to reach people other than those who follow your page or profile you need paid or sponsored posts for it. Sponsored content marketing can target people on social media based on their age, gender, education, occupation, interests and much more thus you can be very precise with your target audience while advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Sponsored content spreads like forest fire hence promising you instant results in no time. If you want quick flow of revenue and are not focused on building credibility and fan base then sponsored content promotion is the best choice.

Organic Content Promotion - Unpaid Posts

The organic content promotion is an important component of all social networks like facebook, youtube, instagram. Organic reach is the number of people who will see the content for distribution without you paying for it. Organic traffic is naturally generated and usually comes from subscribers of your brand. In most cases, this type of content is produced as part of a branding strategy. Good content is therefore essential to improve engagement – hence the importance of creating really good content, completely authentic and real. You need content related to your audience and creator of value.


Deeper Engagement v/s Wider Engagement

Before we go into strategies, first we should know what is social media engagement? Engagement sometimes means different things to different businesses and marketers. But in general, increasing your social media engagement means your user is more likely to: like your content, comment on your updates, click on your links, watch your videos, share your content, fill out lead forms, call your business, visit your website, etc.
The more your users perform these actions the higher your engagement rate will be. And it will ultimately increase traffic and conversions to your business.

Organic Posts For Deeper Engagement

Engaging organic posts are everlasting and keep on spreading as they spread from your page followers to friends of people who engage with your post and then to their friends and so on. Thus organic posts keep on progressing and alive indefinitely. We create such engaging organic posts which incites users to comment on them or share them thereby initiating the chain of engagement that deepens at every comment and share.

Wider Social Media Marketing in Kanpur
SSM Company in Kanpur

Sponsored Ads for Wider Engagement

Opposite to organic posts, sponsored posts are superficially distributed. They reach a huge number of people at once thereby delivering engagement from a very wide set of audience in short duration. However this itself has its own advantages as results are generated in a very short term. Our sponsored campaigns are crafted in such a way that they reach the maximum number of people within your budget.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Target the person not keyword
  • Varied Targeting Options
  • Build Credibility
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Improved Brand Loyalty
  • Build Long Term Audience

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Raunak Pandey

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Sakshi Singh

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Our Customers Say

Maiden Stride helped me to clarify the positioning of my company and then to structure my social media marketing strategy. The consultancy allowed me to clearly identify the targets and digital channels to activate, while offering me an operational action plan. The iterative and collaborative approach proposed by them was convincing and constructive. It was an opportunity to step back and identify the added value of my activity.

Imandeep Lamba
Imandeep Lamba
Owner, Design By Lavassa

Maiden Stride, as best social media marketing company, supported us in the preliminary phase of our project: the diagnosis of our plan with a structured approach adapted to our employees. On the one hand the responsive and attentive team and on the other hand the fine and relevant analysis of the results, were able to support us in our reflection and consolidate our ambitions. A structured and ambitious action plan, but just as adapted to our reality, will allow us to make our project a reality.

Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh
Managing Director, Sarkari Job Guide

Throughout the process, there is fluidity and guidance in the flow of ideas without ever feeling "on the side" of one's own ideas. It is a very pleasant long work with a lot of frame and flexibility at the same time. The professionalism and thoroughness of the Maiden Stride teams allow us to redouble our efficiency and above all to remain relevant and logical, which is not obvious on our own. Creating an idea adapted to the market: this is how I would define the help provided by Maiden Stride.

Anand Nigam
Anand Nigam
Managing Director, Easy Lic

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