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Your website is the visual representation of your business in an online world and in many cases, it is the only source of business. No matter what the case may be your website has to be of an unmatched quality as it is usually the first and most important form of engagement of your business with your potential customers. The quality of your website decides the fate of your web traffic hence a low-quality website is certain to cost you in the form of non-converting traffic.

Web Design & Development Company in Kanpur

Maiden Stride is one the most creative and innovative web design and development company in Kanpur. We pride ourselves of having some of the most creative web designers in Kanpur who are capable of designing wonderful websites for your business with a smooth and beautiful UI and UX. Our skilled web developers in Kanpur are equally talented as they effectively code the imagination of our web designers resulting into an amazing website capable of converting your web traffic into leads and sales.

What You Get With Our Website Design Services

  • Best in Class Page Download Speeds
  • Mobile Optimized Design
  • Website with High Conversion Rate
  • SEO Ready Website
  • Modern Look & Feel in Design

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Web Design and Development Company in Kanpur

Understanding Your Requirement

Our web designers and developers are great listeners. They keenly listen and understand your requirements and note it down so that they can produce a website which is capable of fulfilling your business goals effectively.

Website Design Services Kanpur

Writing Engaging Content

Content is equally important as the design of website. No matter how good is the design of your website but it will fail if not backed by a convincing content. Our content creators write simple and easy content that is well understood by your target audience.

Website Designing Company in kanpur

Deciding the Build Platform

There are many web development platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Drupal, etc. are available, we choose a CMS that satisfies your requirement. For flexible solutions we simply choose direct code creation in PHP or HTML environment.

Website Developer in kanpur

Creating Design & Structure

Once the content is ready our web designers design the skin of your website which can effectively displays your content on all devices. Upon completion of design we send it to you for review, once approved our web developers start coding the website.

Coding the Website

Your approved design and copy of content are then sent to our website developers who start writing the code for your website on the build platform decided already. Your website is coded in such a way that it performs equally well on all devices & browsers.

Finalizing With CRO Checks

Before delivery your website undergoes a quality check by our Quality Control division who test your website against a 55-point checklist before approving it for making live. The website is then delivered to you for review and made live only after your approval.

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See What Our Clients Have To Say
  • We Met New Customers in a New Region

    We have been suffering from business relocation crunch. Maiden Stride helped us reach new customers in new region and did a local brand awareness. We have now regained the stability that we had in our previous region and are now considering migrating our complete marketing budget in online channels with them.

    Rohit Singh
    Owner, Bells Gym
  • All Services Available Under One Roof

    From developing a beautiful website to reaching ample of quality readers everyday Maiden Stride have effectively covered all areas for us when it comes to services of a digital agency. They have been our digital agency partners since start and we are looking forward to continuing this relationship for quite long.

    Anoop Singh
    Chief Editor, Go4Prep.com
  • Patience & Gradual Progress Resulted into Success

    SEO is all about time & patience. We were patient with the results as we could see our organic traffic rising gradually and ranks improving over time. The techniques that SEO managers at Maiden Stride use and the knowledge that they have is simply fascinating which is certainly backed by results.

    Sagar Sabhani
    CEO, Tutors Umbrella
  • World Class Techniques & Skilled Staff

    We have worked with other SEO agencies as well but the skills that these guys have and the techniques that they apply to work are a class apart. Our organic traffic graph had been heading north ever since have been working with them and will definitely recommend them for SEO and other services as well.

    Mohit Mendiratta
    CEO, Assignment Kingdom
  • Perfect Blend of SEO & PPC

    I had this great idea for my business but had hard time marketing it to people but then I ventured with Maiden Stride for pitching it to people. They gave me a head start with PPC, primarily on Facebook, while have been working on SEO alongside to drive organic traffic which initially was low but slowly transformed into high volume of cost effective traffic. Everything worked out exactly as they explained.

    Ankit Singh
    Managing Director, Sarkari Job Guide
  • Proactive and Logical Staff. Transparency in Working

    They are fast. You want to get anything done, they are on it as soon as it is conveyed. Very honest people in their work, no out of bound suggestions and the best part is all their recommendations are backed by a strong logic and is explained to me in easiest words possible. Monthly reporting with actual situation portrayal and actions going forward shows transparency in their work.

    Vikas Shukla
    Chief Editor, Allahabadi Kart