What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is to match the content with keywords and establish media and link relationships with external websites so that the site's exposure and keywords rankings of your web pages continue to improve, and the corresponding cost is lower than advertising.

world class top rated SEO company in Bhopal
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We are a world-class top rated SEO company in Bhopal

Maiden Stride has more than seven years of online marketing experience and is a professional Top Rated SEO Company In Bhopal. During this period, it assisted hundreds of customers to effectively break through the pace of online marketing, effectively expand this market, and go global.

Whether you are in a service industry, manufacturing, hotel industry, or import and export company, we are guaranteed to help your company effectively improve your business performance. Your website needs SEO services and if you are searching for an SEO agency in Bhopal then Maiden Stride with leading SEO technology deserves your trust.

Our peerless SEO techniques to optimize your websites

01    On-site SEO

on page

On-site SEO (On page) means optimizing the website itself to match the search engine's search preferences. As Google & other search engines attach more and more importance to the quality of the website itself, the weight of search engine optimization within the site is getting higher and higher.

02    Off-page SEO

off page seo

Unlike on-page SEO, Off-page SEO refers to activities we do perform outside the boundaries of your website. We use off-page optimization to improve the website's credibility and authority which results improve the position of a website on the search engine results page.

03 Keyword research

Keyword research

The key to choosing the right keywords is to improve the quality of search engine traffic and business results. Proper keyword selection ensures a significant increase in the number of target audiences. As a top-rated SEO service provider in Bhopal, before we determine your SEO strategy, we conduct in-depth research to find out the keywords that are suitable for your target audience. So that the audience can quickly and accurately search your website on the search engines.

04  Content creation

content creation

We create superior quality content to achieve our desired set of goals in content marketing like connecting with new readers, generating leads, and nurturing our existing clients. Our perfect content that follows all SEO guidelines ultimately improves your website visibility in various different search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

We will help your website rank up and outperform your competitors

Top seo company in bhopal

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Maiden Stride SEO services are unique, they really stand out from the competition. There is no one like them.

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We really want everyone to know how happy we are with Maiden Stride's services. They have shown great help in regards to SEO best practices as well as optimization strategy and management.

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Within the few months after we connected with Maiden Stride, we were on the first page of Google. Now, we are confident enough that they will be able to obtain that placement that our company requires.

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In general, the less common keywords can go to the first page of search engines in 3-4 months. It may take more than 8 months for the competition to reach the first page. The logic of Google and other search engines SEO website optimization is actually very simple (Not really). Google needs to trust your website, and trusting this element requires time and observation.

When you make a budget, you have to anticipate whether there will be follow-up expenses. When you get to the front page, how much follow-up work is required to maintain the ranking of the first edition? Under normal circumstances, if your keywords are not highly competitive and you are doing SEO work, after stopping SEO work, the maintenance cost will not be too high in theory. Sometimes even if you stop maintenance, keywords will still stay in the first edition for some time. The more competitive keywords, the more work to maintain, because at the same time, other companies will also be doing SEO work on their own websites.

Off-page SEO is generally understood as an external link. This understanding is a bit outdated by now. Today's social networks are very developed, and everyone can share information on the internet, including websites. This sharing is not just an external link. For Google, this sharing behavior will have a positive effect on website ranking. Therefore, today's off-site SEO includes two parts, an external link and a social signal. Although Google has reduced the impact of off-site on website ranking, it is still an important part of SEO and cannot be ignored. For the external links, there is no more refinement, and high-quality external links are really useful in SEO optimization. We are a trusted Top Rated SEO Company In Bhopal and we do only white hat link building and create links on only credible websites.

First, if the source website is a regular website, the higher the weight, the better. Second, the more relevant the content of the linked pages, the better. We can't expect that authoritative peer websites can give us a link to the website. Unlike on-site SEO, there is no technical level for sending external links, but external links take time to search and accumulate. In addition to paying attention to quality accidents, the external links also pay attention to naturalness. Imagine your website content is good, users will share your URL, different users will definitely have different directions, so the types of external links will certainly be diverse. This diversity is the naturalness of the external link. If the type of website external links is too single and there are many, it is easy for Google to suspect that your website has bad external links, which will lower the rating of your website. Our off-page SEO experts & services in Bhopal are compatible with the building of good external links and social signals. Our SEO team enriches the natural external link structure, procures high quality backlinks published by hand.

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