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Being a new age digital marketing technique PPC management services are concentrated in few big cities only but now with Maiden Stride they are in your reach. With Maiden Stride as your local PPC management company in Lucknow you can expect swift and transparent communication which many companies fall short of leaving their customers in absolute confusion. On top of that our team lines up skilled and experienced PPC experts capable of setting up targeted granular campaigns so that your product reaches the right people every time.
As best Pay Per Click (PPC) company in Lucknow we promise most targeted ads with instant rise in revenue.

How Our PPC Experts Do It

PPC campaigns are highly measurable which means you can precisely track what roi your campaigns are delivering. To achieve this our ppc experts set up diligent conversion tracking to get insights of winners and losers. Thus by encouraging the winners and pausing the losers we make sure your PPC spend always remains profitable. Know how our PPC experts do it for you in Lucknow.

  • Deep Study of Business Model

    It’s important extremely important for our PPC ad’ managers to understand your business model. This includes noting some numbers like your sale value, gross margins, etc., understanding your product, services and discussing your target market.

  • Discovering Target Market For You

    With understanding of your business in mind we sketch your target market online. The process fairly differs from channel to channel as search engines work on the concept of keywords while social media uses interests and demographics to describe audience.

  • Compelling Ad Creative

    Creation of Compelling Ad Creative

    Based on your product/services and the type of market we are dealing with appealing ad creatives are created that compel users to engage with your business. Poor quality ads give poor click through rate thus limiting your brand exposure.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Diligent Conversion Tracking

    As said PPC advertising is highly measurable. To take advantage of this benefit of PPC campaigns our PPC managers setup diligent conversion tracking that measures all valuable actions that people take on your website like phone calls or purchases.

  • Data Gathering

    With conversion tracking we are in position to gather useful data about the initial performance of campaigns. This valuable data is analysed to see if we need to make any tweaks to the campaigns or PPC strategy as a whole.

  • Optimizing Campaigns

    Though campaigns are created as per strategy but actual results are out when they are live and mostly they need some tweaks in due course of time. Regular optimization of Ads promises positive returns and acts as learning for future campaigns.


Why Choose Our PPC Marketing Team?

With an existence of more than 7 years in natural and paid referencing, the Maiden Stride is a historical player in Search Marketing. This experience is an undeniable asset in this field. It allows hindsight and case studies to develop an appropriate PPC strategy for each project.

At our PPC agency in Lucknow, we are convinced that PPC is one of the main marketing levers of our time. We bring together more than 50 people who support our customers in the realization and deployment of their digital strategy. Today, more than 205 customers trust us to rethink the digitization of their customer loyalty or transform their infrastructures

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PPC Channels Available To Us

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

earch Engine Marketing (SEM) is the most effective form of digital advertising as you can spot potential customers who are in need of a product or business like you at any given instant of time i.e. when they are searching it on Google. To take advantage of this our PPC experts set up single keyword ad groups so that we can serve an ad’ which is most relevant to user’s need. Search Engine Marketing can be managed by following two major platforms:

  • Google AdWords (formerly known as Google AdWords)
  • Bing Ads a.k.a Microsoft Ad Centre

Social Media Websites

More than one-third of Indian population is active on Social Media which means we can easily find your target market on all social media platforms that too in abundance. Given the variety of sponsored content that social media websites allow you to post we can create appealing ads which can communicate your message convincingly and will engage them to your business. Almost all major social media platforms allow posting sponsored content. Following are a few to name:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

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