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Calling on an SEO company in Indore means surrounding yourself with a professional team you can trust. It's giving yourself time to focus on your professional activity. It is delegating tasks that are as time-consuming as they are profitable to a competent company.
Maiden Stride is an agency, whose role is to propel you to the first page of Google. Whatever your industry, the size of your business or your different objectives, we put in place an SEO strategy adapted to your case. The digital world today aims to develop in a massive way and companies are taking into account the challenges of digital marketing. We are aware of these issues and we support you in this process through our qualifications and our experience in SEO.

Why You Need World Class SEO Services in Indore?

Hit Many Birds With Single Arrow

  • Steady Rise in Web Traffic

    Steady Rise in Web Traffic

  • SEO Results

    SEO Results are Lasting

  • Brand Awareness

    For Brand Awareness

  • Build Credibility

    To Build Credibility

  • cost driven

    Non cost driven solution

  • SEO Competitors

    Your Competitors are Doing


Why Choose Our SEO Marketing Services in Indore?

SEO is becoming essential for businesses and Maiden Stride is positioning itself as one of the best SEO agencies in the Indore. Our goal is to deliver high SEO marketing results at affordable prices to Indore SMEs.

We know the significant impact of web marketing in the development of your business. This is why, since its creation, We have supported more than 200 clients to help them achieve top speed on the Internet.

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What Can Our SEO Agency Do for Your Business?

For Consistent Progress in SEO Rankings

SEO is one of the most profitable marketing levers in the long term for your notoriety. It generates quality traffic and benefits from inertia over time. Unlike paid ads which stop as soon as campaigns are paused/suspended, SEO can have effects for years.

Increase Your Website Traffic

One of the most sought-after benefits of setting up an SEO campaign is the ability to increase visits to your website . By targeting the most important and relevant keywords, you will be able to rank your site's pages in search engines such as Google and gain visibility that will increase as SEO optimization progresses. Visits in quantity, but above all in quality.

SEO makes it possible to target more qualified prospects by creating targeted content for research and the intentions of Internet users. By developing a relevant content strategy, you will be able to capture the attention of potential customers at different stages of their buying journey, and thus increase the chances of them becoming customers.


Improve The Reputation Of Your Business

When you increase your brand awareness , you stay at the forefront of the concerns of past and potential customers. The presence of your company on research related to your activity will help to establish your authority, maintain a positive image and presence with past and future customers.

SEO allows you to increase the number of leads due to generating a highly targeted audience, using quality content that showcases your offering, and how SEO helps improve the overall user experience. We will help you to increase the number of leads to your website and increase your revenue.


How We Do SEO For You?

To Get Top Position on Search Engines

  • Steady Rise in Web Traffic

    SEO Audit

    This first step is crucial because it will define the content of the following steps. It is during the SEO audit that the consultant will make an inventory to see the strengths and weaknesses of the website.

  • SEO Results

    Competitor Analysis

    Our SEO professionals will analyze the SEO parameters of your main competitors. We can tell you, how your competitors are positioning themselves on and why they appear in front of you on Google's SERPs.

  • Brand Awareness

    Keyword Research

    Using powerful tools, we will take the time to find the keywords and phrases that best reflect the needs of your prospects. This step is crucial because it is what will allow you to generate traffic and convert your prospects.

  • Build Credibility

    Content Writing

    The quality of content is important to Google. Thus, we produce unique, fresh & quality content on a regular basis for your brand. It will be a means of building loyalty for your readers and a good process to improve traffic to your site.

  • cost driven

    On-site Optimization

    SEO requires monitoring and regular actions to face the competition. As your SEO service provider in Indore we will do an on page audit and will optimize them to improve your markup, Headings, meta descriptions or image ALT tags.

  • SEO Competitors

    Off-site Optimization

    To position yourself at the top of the Google results, on-site optimization is not enough. Our SEO team will go beyond these criteria by offering you best off-page techniques. We will ensure a powerful and natural backlink profile in the eyes of the Google.

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Questions About SEO Services in Indore?

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What is SEO simply and in a few words?

SEO or natural referencing is the set of techniques allowing a website to appear in a search engine (eg Google), without paying this search engine. The intervention of the SEO agency is at 3 levels: the technical aspect of the site, the optimization of the content and the obtaining of inbound links.

How long before I have results in SEO?

The time to obtain SEO results may vary depending on the competition for the chosen keyword or the age of the website. A period of 4 to 6 months is generally necessary to obtain significant results (e.g. appearance on the 1st page for a chosen keyword).

SEO service, how much does it cost?

The SEO price for optimizing your website is going to depend on how quickly you want to get results. Thanks to our 8 years of experience, we have created 3 SEO packages, allowing you to know exactly the actions carried out for the amount you are going to pay.

What are the main advantages of SEO?

Unlike Google advertising, SEO allows you to benefit from “free visibility” on search engines. Well positioned, your website will become an important asset of your business which will be a source of visitors, prospects, customers and more generally profit in the medium term.

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Techniques that our SEO team use

Being visible on the first page of Google results is essential for all businesses. To give you an idea, 81% of people surveyed say they do an Internet research before making a purchase.

When we say “Internet”, we are actually talking about Google, which captures more than 90% of searches carried out on the web.

Therefore, if you want to grow your business, you need to be visible on Google. More precisely, on the first page of the results, because 75% of Internet users never go to the following pages.

SEO is essential for the visibility of your business because you want people to easily find your business, your products or your services. For internet marketers, this is the best way to drive new leads into your funnel when they don't yet know your brand.

If you don't optimize your website for search, you are wasting the potential of your content; you are missing out on some readers and therefore losing customers! Note that Internet users look at the first results. If your website appears on page 2 or more, you will not have or very few visitors...

How to be referenced on Google?

First of all, your content should be super qualitative. The goal is not to fool Google and its algorithms.

Two ways Google uses to assess the quality of content are its length and freshness. Well-researched content of at least 2000 words impresses Google and will get you a prominent place in the search engine results pages (called SERP for “Search Engine Result Page ").

Updating your website pages regularly with fresh content is also an important SEO factor. A good rule of thumb is to post new content at least once a week to avoid being outdated in Google's eyes.

1. Find the right keywords

The first step - and not the least! - is to carry out a search for keywords specific to your domain and your location. Want to know what are the qualities of a good keyword? This will be precise, specific, targeted (but not too much), localized, quite researched and which converts. We do avoid at all costs words that are too general, competitive, untargeted and little sought after.

2. Optimize internal content pages

Once we determine your keywords related to your business, we do add them strategically to the internal pages of your site. Always remember visitors are more likely to stay on any site if the content there is what they're looking for..

We always avoid keyword stuffing because we know that Google will detect this (sooner or later) and will not benefit your site in any way. Your keywords should be used methodically and our SEO analyst does the same.

You can hire best SEO agency in Indore to write SEO optimized content for your website.

3. Optimize titles and subtitles

These are crucial elements, titles and subheadings are very important for your SEO. In addition to being eye-catching for the reader, they must contain keywords that will allow them to be well referenced in search engines. With a double impact, either on the click-through rate and on the ranking of your site in the search results, the titles and sub-titles are not to be taken lightly!

We do prepare an ideal title between 50 and 60 characters long that contains your keywords. Also we do not reuse the same title for multiple pages on your website as it will create keyword cannibalization issue and you will be penalized by Google.

4. We write your Meta description

Another smart way to improve your SEO is to write a relevant Meta description that will appear as a snippet under your page title in the SERPs.

This snippet is simply a brief summary of your page for users to preview your content. If Google decides that your description is relevant to the user's query, the Meta description will display as a snippet with a short summary of the page under the title tag.

Be careful, if you do not write your own description, Google will automatically display an extract from the content of your page.

As per best SEO practices we always use your main keywords in your meta description so that those words are bolded by the search engine in the snippet. This is an effective way to get the user's attention to your keywords, which will result in a higher click-through rate on your results.

5. Internal and external links

A factor that also greatly influences the positioning of your site on search engines is the presence of links on your site. Internal links in your texts will direct traffic to other pages on your website. Internal links improves crawling of your website that improves (somehow) your keywords ranking.

However, the most important links are "back links", those inbound links that point to your site from others website. These links, which can come from blogs, news websites, partner’s website, other businesses, social networks or others, are considered references in the eyes of Google, which brings additional credibility to your site. These are at the heart of Google's algorithm and go a long way in improving your SEO, your business reputation and customer engagement.

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