What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is the fastest growing industry in the history of the world , more so than the internet itself. They are a means for people to dialogue and exchange information or content online. Social media is also a place in the infosphere where people come into contact in a social context that includes conversations, comments, interactions and, in general, relationships. Connect with us to get our social media marketing services in Indore.

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Maiden Stride
Social media marketing company in Indore

We are a digital agency specializing in social networks and management, animation, creation of social groups on the various media of the web. Today, social media and networks are ubiquitous among consumers and have become essential in a marketing strategy.

Nevertheless, it is now difficult to get started on the web without the help of a social media marketing agency, as the landscape is dense and there are many competitors. Maiden Stride, social media marketing agency in Indore, is here to support your company and help it develop its online communities.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

  • Steady Rise in Web Traffic

    Target the person not keyword

  • SEO Results

    Varied Targeting Options

  • Brand Awareness

    Build Credibility

  • Build Credibility

    Increased Brand Awareness

  • cost driven

    Improved Brand Loyalty

  • SEO Competitors

    Build Long Term Audience


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Dedicated Account Manager

Content Oriented Campaigns

Transparency in Reporting

Permission Before Posting

5 pillars of our social media marketing activities

Navigating between the different social platforms is an operation that requires experience and a certain knowledge of the subject. Our social media marketing is based on below 5 main pillars :

  • 5 main pillarsStrategy
  • 5 main pillarsConception
  • 5 main pillarsEngagement
  • 5 main pillarsMetric
  • 5 main pillarsAdvertising

Start without no more waiting for the development of your Social Media strategy with our agency in Indore.

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Why you need a social media agency in Indore

Businesses have had to adapt quickly to change that has spawned new marketing methodologies. Just think of the enormous amount of data that users make available through their profiles, which translates into many new possibilities to exploit. Regardless of whether it is a small local business or a global brand, the statistics shown above highlight one clear fact: people live in interconnected social environments and establish most of their relationships, both with people and with brands.

One way businesses can leverage this context is through social media marketing (acronym is SMM), a form of web marketing that uses social media to achieve marketing and branding goals. From a broader perspective, SMM is positioned as one of the pillars of brand or company storytelling and as an integral part of a broader content marketing strategy.

Indeed, the objective of social media marketing is to create attractive content to help the customer-company relationship and improve brand exposure and perception.. Social media offers a unique opportunity to speak to customers in a one-to-one and personal way that is usually not possible for traditional channels. This does not mean that social media marketing becomes a substitute for traditional marketing, but it must be integrated into a broader strategy and into the various activities.

With the help of social media marketing you will be able to achieve three major benefits : brand development, revenue generation and customer service. So do not hesitate to get in touch with our social media marketing company to avail our world class services in Indore.

What are the benefits of doing Social Media Marketing?

Social networks are among the sites that attract the most visitors every day. For this reason, they represent a real gold mine just waiting to be exploited. This is where social media marketing comes in, necessary both to improve the visibility of your company and to unite your communities. Some of the benefits are:-

Improves your SEO
Increases your brand loyalty
Build strong personal relationships
Will increase incoming traffic
Will increase conversions

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