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When it comes to maintaining a long term relationships with your customers android apps are certainly the best medium for it. Mobile apps provide more personalised and faster experience than mobile websites. Smartphone sales have seen a tremendous growth in recent years which implies that typically every customer of yours owns a smartphone, thus it is very crucial to provide your customers with a user friendly experience for a longer relationship. Moreover organic ranking opportunities for mobile apps are more obvious hence opening gates for acquiring new customers.

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Seamless apps for on the go mobile users

As an accomplished android mobile app development company in Kanpur we house an array of full stack android app developers who are capable of transforming your ideas into a beautiful and engaging android app. They are updated with recent trends in mobile app development industry and Play Store’s guidelines thus making sure your android app is modern and is approved by Play Store. With our android app development services we aim to provide custom and flexible build solutions to businesses of all market verticals. Mobile users are always on the go. A mobile app saves their time hence chances of re-engagement are far more than a mobile website.


Our app makers build apps that are

Easy to navigate
modern look
Modern in look & feel
Simple in design
Engaging app

How our android developers do it for you in Kanpur

Lucid process to awesome apps

From discussing your idea and requirement to publishing your app on Play Store, our android app developers and other team work precisely to make sure that the android app that we deliver stands tall against your idea and requirements. We take the following approach to develop android apps for our clients:

To make sure you are completely satisfied with our android development services in Kanpur we need to develop an app that fulfills all your requirements hence we schedule a meeting online or in person to understand your requirements in detail and note it down.
We try to make apps simple in design unless it is a specific requirement of the type of app that we are building or if it’s your requirement. Displaying the complete content and other aesthetic features of app cleanly is the foremost aim while designing screens.
It is important to have the right amount of content as stuffing too much will look cluttered whereas with less content we might miss out on important information about services or products. Our expert content creators keep this in mind while creating content for your app.
One important requisite of a successful app is that it must not trap a user at any point, they should be able to smoothly slide from one screen to another thus we design a user flow that guides user to navigate maximum parts of app without trapping them at any point.
Content and design are now coded to develop screens. This is when the app comes into a substantial existence. Once the process of developing screens is complete the whole code is packed into an APK file which is ready to install on android devices.
Quality control is something that we take very seriously. Our quality control division thoroughly tests the app to find even slightest of issues which is then debugged by the app developers. Bug-free app is sent to you for review and is published to Play Store on approval.

Do you need a mobile app or mobile website?

There are few factors which you should consider while deciding this. Cost is certainly one of the major point on the list as an app usually costs more than a website but what is more important is your business objective and business model. If you sell one off services a mobile website is enough to achieve that but if you are looking for repeated engagements with your business a mobile app is certainly more suited. Mobile apps provide deeper re-engagement while mobile website is more useful for discovery to new audience thus if you are looking forward to new customers and clients go ahead with a mobile website whereas if you are want to strengthen your relationship with your existing customers an android app is certainly the best choice.


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