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With Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing you can make your business instantly visible in front of your target market in Kanpur, across country or around the globe. Due to instant delivery of results PPC marketing is gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes. Almost all major platforms/websites offer PPC advertising viz. search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, and social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LInkedIn, Snapchat, etc. are the major and most popular ones. PPC ads can also extend to other websites which are not strictly owned by these companies but are a part of their display network thus increasing reach of your ads furthermore.

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New age digital marketing techniques like Pay Per Click advertising are now in your reach. With us as your PPC advertising agency in Kanpur you can sit back and focus on other major aspects of your business while we manage your PPC campaigns. Our experienced PPC experts set up very precise and granular campaigns so that your message reaches the right people at the right time thus converting your potential buyers into real customers/leads.

"With Pay Per Click advertising your business can become visible to your potential customers within few hours making it fastest form of online promotion."

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PPC management company in Kanpur
Google Ads Management Services in Kanpur

Google ads (adwords) management services

Google Ads indeed provide the best quality of leads as compared to other paid advertisements. The success and popularity of Google Ads is that people search on Google only when they are in instant need of something hence if your ads show up in front of your potential customers they are very likely to contact you and buy from you. We, as your Google Ads marketing company in Kanpur, set up very curated campaigns and make sure your ads show when people search for your service or products.

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Search engine marketing (sem)

Search engines are one of the most popular channels when it comes to PPC. Search Engine Marketing helps you to present your business in front of your target market precisely at the point when they need it i.e. when they are searching it on search engines (like Google). Another promising feature of Search Engine Marketing is that you can precisely control the area in which your ads will show. Following are the two main SEM platforms through which we can show and manage ads:

  • Google AdWords (formerly known as Google AdWords)
  • Bing Ads a.k.a Microsoft Ad Centre
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Social media websites

Due to vast variability in the nature of these websites typically every business can find their target audience on them be it a B2B major or a local storefront. The difference between SEM and social media marketing is that your target audience is not actively searching for your products or services but may be very much interested in them. There are numerous social media websites and most of them offer PPC advertising but most popular among them are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
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How Our PPC Experts Do It

One significant feature of PPC advertising is that its returns can tracked very precisely hence we focus on setting up a tight conversion tracking to know which campaigns are performing good and which ones not. Thus by encouraging the campaigns delivering positive returns and stopping the negative ones, we make sure your overall PPC advertising remains profitable and your return on investment is always positive.

Your marketing strategy is closely weaved around your business model hence it’s very important to have a deep understanding of your business. Our PPC expert or marketing strategist will arrange a meeting with you at your place or online to note key points of your business and understand your business model.
Ad creative is what is responsible for initiating the user engagement with your business hence our PPC expert and graphic designers create an appealing ad creative which convinces users to click on it and engage with your business. It is important for your ad’ to have the right message that convinces people to click on it.
Campaigns are set up and made live as per the strategy and left to run for some time to gather data. With the data that we have gathered we can make informed hypothesis of performance of campaigns and do necessary optimizations to campaigns to improve their performance. Regular campaign maintenance is carried out during this process.
Based on the study of your business model we define your target market on search engines and social media websites. Your target market can be a group a people searching for any key phrase on search engines like Google or a group of people on Facebook & Instagram having interests in domain of your business.
PPC is a data driven process hence we focus on setting up an attentive data tracking mechanism to measure all the conversions and useful events occurring on your website. A conversion is basically any desired action that we want users to take on your website. It could be filling any inquiry form, calling your business or making a purchase.
With the data gathered from conversion tracking our PPC experts find the loopholes in the campaigns and carry out necessary optimization to improve its performance. Data also helps to find out positive aspects of campaigns which can be promoted further for better optimization and also act as learning for future campaigns.

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We are incredibly impressed with the exceptional PPC services provided by Maiden Stride. Their deep understanding of our industry allowed them to create highly effective ad campaigns. Our conversion rates have skyrocketed, and our cost-per-acquisition has significantly decreased. We highly recommend their services to any business in need of top-notch PPC solutions
Ravi Tiwari
Our decision to work with Maiden Stride was one of the best for our digital marketing strategy. From keyword research to campaign monitoring, they are consistently delivering exceptional results. Our click-through rates have soared, and our ROI has been outstanding. Their professionalism and exceptional customer service make them stand out.
Ranjan Sharma
Maiden Stride has taken our online marketing efforts to new heights. Their in-depth knowledge and proactive approach resulted in a substantial increase in our website traffic and conversions. We're grateful for the outstanding work of their diligent team and confidently recommend them to any business seeking PPC success.
Jaiprakash Singh

Our PPC & Google Ads Expert

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Raunak Pandey

Managing Director & Chief Strategist

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